Friday, May 17, 2013

CafePress - All Bumper Stickers Just $1 Until Midnight

I do post a lot of CafePress offers, but that's because they have some of the funnest things to shop for.  They just released a new discount - Pay $1 for any bumper sticker they have with code BUMPIT.  These little guys retial for $4.25 or more.

There are hundreds to choose from and on a variety of themes - political, seasonal, causes, hobbies like surfing, and... Star Trek.  Stick these on your car, your laptop, in your office, on your kid, on the barbeque, and on that guy's car who always parks in front of your house.

Click here to view the full array of bumper stickers and use promo code BUMPIT to pay the $1 price.

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