Thursday, May 16, 2013

LG Optimus Elite No-Contract Mobile Phone for $60 (Reg. $100)

Today get a LG Elite Mobile Phone at Best Buy without signing a contract for just $60. This retails for $100 normally, and comes with FREE shipping or in-store pickup. Activate it and be chatting with Aunt Beru by noon if you want.

This Virgin Mobile phone has 3G speed for fast data transfer and Internet/e-mail capabilities. Snap pictures or videos with the 5.0MP digital camera (with flash). Text your friends and LOL about the price you paid. It's also an MP3 player, an dthose alone cost $60 or more. So you got a phone, a camera, and a music machine in one and pay less than it costs to fill up your car with gas.

Did I mention you don't have to do the standard two-year contract?  At the least this is a great back-up phone for the glove box.  You sold yet?

Click here to view the deal at Best Buy.

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