Monday, June 17, 2013

CafePress Takes 40% OFF All Purchases Through Midnight

Back by popular demand! No, really, that's what their email told me. They did a one-day sitewide flash sale with 40% OFF  two weeks ago and it was such a hit they are doing it again.

Just shop and save when you add promo code BBPD40 at checkout.

If you haven't heard of this site, "CafePress is where the world shops for custom t-shirts and other unique gifts that express people's unique personalities. You'll find millions of one-of-a-kind designs on every topic you can imagine (and some you can't) - from political expressions, funny t shirts & stickers, to all sorts of merchandise with cool personalized designs."

Click here to go to CafePress, but don't forget code BBPD40 to get the 40% OFF.