Monday, July 22, 2013

JoS. A. Bank Doorbuster Sale - $99 Suits , $30 Pants, More

I have said in the past JoS. A. Bank has the best deals of any clothing retailer out there, and I stick to my guns on that. Through Tuesday they might have outdone even themselves with this Doorbuster Sale.

Check out these prices if you don't believe me:
  • Tropical Blend Suits... $99 (reg. $695)
  • Polo shirts... $15 (reg. $59.50-$79.50)
  • Executive dress shirts... $18 (reg. $79.50-$87.50)
  • Traveller shorts - $18 (reg. $79.50-$87.50)
  • Cotton pants - $30 (reg. $115)
  • Tropical weave dress pants - $30 (reg. $225)
  • Poplin & seersucker suits... $99 (reg. $350-$395)
  • Extra 40% OFF all clearance items
When you can get a new suit for less than $100, that's a good deal. Heck, when you can get half a new suit for that price, I jump. For a limited time if you spend $75 they will also toss in free shipping. Go get the measuring tape, figure out your 'true' size, and place that order. I'll see you at the wedding.

Click here to view the offer at JoS. A. Bank.