Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Today Only Bath & Body Works Takes 25% OFF + $1 Shipping

I'm a man's man, which means I watch too much football and take terrible care of my skin.  I know this because I can rattle off the Bronco's starting line and my face looks like Clint Eastwood.  I'm proud of the former, not of the latter.  Perhaps I should buy something with this one-day sale at Bath & Body Works.

Through Tuesday they are offering 25% OFF anything bought in the online store, and tossing in $1 shipping with $25 purchase.  I don't even know what half this stuff does for me, but it'll sure pretty up my medicine cabinet and impress the ladies.

Click here to view the sale at Bath & Body Works.  Be sure to add promo code HAPPYFALL25 at checkout.