Monday, February 4, 2019

Home Depot Bonus Savings Event - 5000+ Products up to 50% OFF

It's been said nothing can be certain except death and taxes. However, if you own a home then the occasional trip to Home Depot is the other certainty. Right now they are having an overstock sale on items throughout their store up to (and over) 5 Sample deals include:
  • Up to 50% off Select Patio
  • Up to 40% off Bath & Kitchen Essentials
  • Up to 30% off Select Power Tools
  • Up to 30% off Select Appliances
  • Up to 25% off Select Storage
  • Up to 20% off Select Area Rugs
  • And more...
So go shop online and don't bother wandering around the massive warehouse store because you'll probably never find the item and will end up finding a lot of other things to buy that you don't need. They will have it waiting for you at your closest store.