Thursday, January 21, 2021

bObsweep Pro Robot Vacuum for $150 (Save $500) + Free Shipping

If you're like me you have hardwood floors or a carpet that grabs pretty much everything. It doesn't matter how much you sweep, Swiffer, or pick up with your dang fingers, within an hour some grain of something is staring back at you. Fear not, because today only Best Buy is offering the top-rated bObsweep Pro Robot Vacuum for a fraction of the cost.

bObsweep is just like a Roomba or any other self-vacuum, though we don't know if those others can schedule floor cleaning. Set and forget your worries as this Bob will clean your house while you're asleep or out to dinner. It will run for up to 100 minutes on a single charge and can handle up to 1000 square feet of tiled or carpeted flooring for hands-off cleaning. When it's done making your floor look spotless, it magically goes back to its docking station to refuel. You got a dog or a cat or an alcapa? Bob will tackle that fur and make it seem like Fluffy is an outside pet. 

Shipping is free with online purchase, or order and pick up at your local store the same day.

Expires: January 21