Wednesday, April 7, 2021

$29.99: Portable Humidifier/Air Conditioner at 70% OFF + FREE Shipping

Summer and blazing hot weather is creeping up on us soon, so be prepared. Amazon has slashed prices on this Mini-air-humidifier/portable air conditioner. Get one for $29.99 with code AQEHO9W5 -That's 70% OFF the regular price.

Quiet and cool are the two best words to describe this product.  Here's how it works - without water, it's a fan. When you add water to it the unit becomes a humidifier. When you add ice water, it blasts chilled air. It's tiny enough to put on a desk or table, and quiet enough to not bother you while you're working. You can take it anywhere - it weighs less than 2 pounds. 

Shipping is FREE for prime and non-prime members.  

Expires: April 8

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