About Us

Top Deal of the Day thinks about one thing - finding great deals.  Every day (obviously) we go out and scour the Internet for the freshest offers from the world's top retailers.

We also think shopping should be fun.  There are a ton of daily deal sites out there, but some seem almost clinical and boring in how they present their content.  Deals are fun, buying stuff is fun, and saving money is fun.  Actually, saving money is more than fun - it's incredible.  

To us it was simple.  There are literally thousands of sales going on at any given time, but many of them have hidden catches or gimmicks.  We hate that (cough - bait-and-switch - cough).  TDOTD test-books every offer that is posted for accuracy.  If you ever see something wrong or a deal is misleading, just let us know in the comments.  We'll look into it instantly.  

Quite a few sites only do write-ups about specific product deals, when in reality those specific products are part of a massive sale or attached to coupon (or promo code).  There might be a dozen or so products worth mentioning instead of just one.  We shrugged and thought, "why limit ourselves when we can talk about all of them?"

This is when Top Deal of the Day was born.  We go through hundreds of sites every day and post what we think are the absolute greatest out there... the creme de la creme.  Everything we post has to hold to our strict editorial standards.          

Do we think we'll find every deal out there?  We hope so but are realistic. If you see something we're missing please let us know and we'll evaluate and get it up for everyone to enjoy.  We do have a certain criteria - easy to purchase, a solid value, and interest to anyone and everyone.

Thanks for stopping by!